Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Racks and Russian Brides

So a few months back I'm sitting at a pub in Houston, having a beer with our CEO,  and we're throwing around random ideas about life, love, and the datacenter business. We're talking about how to extend our sales and marketing reach out beyond the traditional cycle of

  • initial sales call
  • customer response
  • initial sales meeting
  • 30 days to 3 years of phone tag
  • expression of customer interest
  • customer tour
  • pricing discussion
  • contract negotiations
  • contract signing
which can be a total drag. We feel like we've got a kickass product that is really unique in the marketplace but for some reason buying datacenter capacity is still stuck in the dark ages. 

So, beer being the creative lubricant that it is, eventually we start thinking about the plethora of things that you can buy online, which at this point is just about anything. If you can buy houses, airplanes, and Russian Brides online why wouldn't people buy datacenter capacity? We were on to something...

Long story short, we have developed the Datacenter Market, the first place to my knowledge where you can choose, configure, and order datacenter capacity online in your footed pjs. We launched it 2 weeks ago and already it's gotten great press and generated lots of interest. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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