Friday, June 8, 2012

7x24 Exchange

I'll be at the 7x24 Exchange in Orlando next week, where I look forward to meeting up with old friends and colleagues. A few sessions I'm particularly interested in attending:

ASHRAE New Environmental Guidelines & Data Center Energy Efficiency / Future-Proofing 
Data centers are using an increasing amount of the total energy used by commercial facilities. However, these increases have a downside in that they cause a significant increase in the power required and the heat dissipated by the computing equipment, such that it is becoming very difficult to power and cool these systems in data centers or telecommunication rooms.   This seminar includes ASHRAE’s just published equipment trends through 2020 which have a big impact on right sizing, future-proofing, and data center energy efficiency. 

ASHRAE Class Changes Expand the Use of Chillerless Data Centers and More! 
  The first vendor neutral temperature standards were published in 2004 by ASHRAE. Prior to that, the temperatures were more based on anecdotal knowledge and worst case scenario (often 68 °F, (20 °C)). In 2004, ASHRAE established a recommended range of 68 to 77 °F (20 to 25 °C).
It is hard to believe, but now in less than 10 years, the recommended temperature range has widened to (64 to 81 °F) or (18 to 27 °C). Further, there are allowable ranges that go as wide as (41 to 113 °F) or (5 to 45 °C). There are also radical changes in the humidity ranges.

Seawater and Deep Lake Water for Data Center Cooling
Low temperature water from seawater and deep lakes is becoming an option as a data center heat sink. The first system in the U.S. at Ithaca, NY, which serves about 51 megawatts of cooling, will be studied for fresh water. A data center in Hamina, Finland will be reviewed for using seawater. Each will examine the potential advantages, disadvantages, and lessons learned from the unexpected. For data centers, the additional requirement to meet higher reliability standards will be also be reviewed.

Let me know if anyone would like to meet up in Orlando.


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