Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to Fresh Air!

Welcome to my semi-personal blog. My name is Kevin Timmons, and I'm a datacenter guy with a passion for all things mission critical. I hope to use this space to discuss datacenter technologies, designs, and to generally geek out about what I'm doing as the CTO of an aggressive, emerging datacenter company called CyrusOne. Full disclosure - I'll be prominently featuring tidbits about my current projects and interests here at C1, although I'll try my level best to keep from turning this blog into a billboard advertisement for our products and services. But filter my content accordingly - you've been warned.

I anticipate that I'll be posting at best sporadically, really just as I come by what I think is worthy material that others might be interested in. I call it a semi-personal blog because I'll also be throwing in some personal tidbits from time to time. The goal is to create something that is not your typical datacenter blog - there's enough of those out there already.

Welcome to Fresh Air!


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